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Nurul Hidayah
Yuli Yanti
Alda Puja Wati


The purpose of character education is to encourage emergence the nation’s generation to have a good character values. Character is basic value of behavior which becomes the point references or the system of values between individuals. Character creation which primary and superior especially at the elementary school can be establish a good culture of school. The culture of school is a rule that is made and binding at elements/aspect that exist in the school. School culture that conducive is overall physical environment, school at mosphere, nature, and the school that productively able to give experience in expected students’ lives. The formation of school culture can take value of character that exists in character education to be used as a basis school culture formation. School culture that already formed must be obeyed and carried out by the whole school community. School culture that is positive will have a positive effect on the character formed in student.

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Hidayah, N., Yanti, Y., & Wati, A. (2019). PERAN PENDIDIKAN KARAKTER DALAM MEMBENTUK BUDAYA SEKOLAH. Prosiding Seminar Nasional STKIP PGRI Bandar Lampung, 2(1), 51-62. Retrieved from