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The government launched the National Movement for Mental Revolution (GNRM), which is a change in the way of thinking, behaving and acting for the better. Main Values ​​of Strengthening Character Education are Religious, nationalist, independent, mutual support, Integrity. These values ​​will be instilled and practiced through the system national education to be known, understood and applied in all aspects of life in schools and communities. To assist the Government in implementing character education, the government urges all Education institutions to insert the Strengthening of Nation Character Education (PPK) in the education curriculum in schools with the aim of building and equipping students as the Golden Generation of Indonesia in 2045 in order to face the dynamics of change in the future, Developing the Education Platform nationwide which places character education as the main soul by taking into account cultural diversity. The implementation of character education in schools presented in this paper is: through Midwifery with the formula 4 M (knowledge, love, desire and work, also with the habituation method. In addition through methods: teaching, exemplary, determining priorities and praxis prioriotas.

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